Margaret Lackey State Missions Offering

What is the Margaret Lackey State Missions Offering?

Margaret McRae Lackey was born in Copiah County, Mississippi, on October 24,1858, to James and Elizabeth Lackey. She was the fifth of nine children. Upon graduation from Hillman College in Clinton, she taught in several county schools and at Lea Female College in Summit. Margaret later returned to Clinton so she could reconnect with her alma mater, Hillman College.

Margaret actively stressed the values of women’s mission organizations in Baptist churches. She loved learning about missions and taught the young children in her church to love missions as well. She was active in the Mississippi Woman’s Missionary Union (WMU), and her name appeared frequently in annual WMU meeting procedures.

The offering, which bears Miss Lackey’s name, began in 1903. It was at that time the Mississippi WMU set aside an annual day in the interest of state missions. The purpose of the emphasis was to “familiarize women with the conditions of our state – social, racial, moral, and religious.” In 1917, the State Missions Day became the Week of Prayer for State Missions. ln 1935, five years after her retirement, the offering was given the name, “Margaret Lackey State Mission Offering,” to honor the one who had led WMU so valiantly.

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Where are these funds used?

This offering sustains ministries such as church planting, children’s camps, and missionary mobilization. The offering trains and mobilizes volunteers in disaster relief, criminal justice, literacy, and international outreach. The offering adds to and works hand-in-hand with the evangelistic and benevolent ministries funded through the Cooperative Program.